Friday, July 22, 2016

What is Psychological Yoga Therapy?

Psychological Yoga therapy is a sensible, modern synthesis of the old, practiced for many thousands of years, methods of yoga and modern, applied psychology methods of humanistic therapies (such as Gestalt therapy).

What is Psychological Yoga Therapy?

You supported your consciousness and soul unfolding, it can assist you in transitional phases, helps to find new targets and solutions, helps the search for meaning.

Psychotherapeutic Yoga Methods

The yoga practices and psychotherapeutic methods can help you to identify internal and external situations more clearly. The psychological yoga therapy can also be applied to mental health problems such as insecurity and anxiety, depressive moods and burnout.

You have the option of using yoga exercises, relaxation, meditation and other self-awareness exercises to discover and live out your spiritual potential. The exchange in the group
and supporting the yoga master and therapist you provide good support for your processes.

How Can You Participate in the Psychological Yoga Therapy?

  • Come as a guest or as individual seminar guest - and book in advance 1-2 counseling appointments.
  • Take one of psychotherapy oriented seminars with Shivakami.
  • Come as a guest or as individual seminar guest - and visit the psychologically oriented yoga classes - also because a lot happens - and if necessary you can make a single session.
  • More info you can always find at
So, we are happy, because now you know what is it psychological yoga therapy!

How to Maintain Good Health - by Swami Sivananda

Swami Sivananda taught us that: be prudent and moderate. Then you will be healthy. Bathing in the sun. Lebe outdoors. Sleep outdoors. Sun and fresh air are good your doctors. Your food should be simple. Eat never too much. Move you enough. If you feel not good, fasting until you feel better again.

How to Maintain Good Health - by Swami Sivananda

Become your own doctor. Support the natural but they do not force. Let nature heal you. Nature is the best cure. Medicines and medical help nature only in its healing task. An unrepentant doctor who interferes with the workings of nature, does more harm than good.

You Can be Healthy!

By drinking pure water, eating pure and healthy food, by observing the laws of health and hygiene, through regular physical exercises and cold baths in the morning, through the practice of Japa and meditation through real life, right thinking, right action, right conduct, by the observance of Brahmacharya and in that you have sojourned daily for some time in the fresh air and sun, you can gain wonderful health, strength and vitality.

How to Maintain Good Health

A healthy person is not necessarily strong, and a strong man is not necessarily healthy. A very strong man can suffer from many diseases. A healthy and strong person is a major attraction. He radiates health and strength. This feel all people with whom he has contact.

CranioSacral Yoga Therapy Training

CranioSacral therapy yoga is a very fine and soft, at the same time intense and deep holistic body work on the basis of high frequency light energy.

CranioSacral Yoga Therapy Training

We work on the soul level over the body. We know from the holistic medicine that many physical symptoms such as malaise, pain or stress due to unresolved mental / emotional conflicts, if the soul has no other way to express themselves.

Psychological Yoga Therapy Training is Really Helpful

You can easily learn selected manual and energetic techniques of CranioSacral therapy yoga to communicate with your client's soul, so that healing potential can be released. Unprocessed experiences, trauma, shock stored with all the associated emotions in cellular consciousness and naturally bind characterized much life energy.

CranioSacral Psychological Yoga Therapy Training

If too much unprocessed events stored, it is like the computer: much capacity is bound and at some point there is no space and no energy and capacity for new more freely. In craniosacral therapy yoga you learn a special technique, as your client "reprogram" his cellular consciousness and the cell can receive newly gained freedom her.

Chandra Bhedana for More Inner Peace

Chandra Bhedana is a simple breathing exercise to relax, see down a hallway to calm down. In Chandra Bhedana can be used to reduce Pitta. In some children, Chandra Bhedana Pranayama can be very helpful to reduce anxiety and nervousness. And Chandra Bhedana deemed "coolant".

Chandra Bhedana for More Inner Peace

So if the summer does come back, Chandra Bhedana can also be used to ...

Here is the Simple Exercise Instructions:

  1. Sit quietly and straight, the spine upright. You can do well in front of the PC - including sitting on a chair.
  2. Close the right nostril with the right thumb.
  3. Breathe for about 4 seconds through the left nostril, while the belly goes out.
  4. Retain the air as 4-8 seconds.
  5. Breathe Right from 8 seconds.
This is a round Chandra Bhedana Pranayama. Practice about 3-10 breaths. Imagine the possibility before that you are breathing inhalation relaxation and cooling, and that you completely let go while breathing out.

Chandra Bhedana Pranayama for More Inner Peace

A simple, yet highly effective exercise for calming and harmony.

Daily Life in the Practice of Yoga

Usually we want to leave our worries behind us breathe toasty and let us go well simply at yoga class. Think of nothing more and we relish relaxing.

Daily Life in the Practice of Yoga

But then come the thoughts: "Last time I managed the forward bend but better. Why are my toes today not access? "Well, you sound familiar? Or you just more for a slower sun salutation. Instead, you let yourself be carried away by the pace of your yoga masters and would your back not very.

Something about Yoga Psychology Practice

Our yoga practice, whether alone or with a yoga teacher, shows us through the conscious practice, how we deal with in everyday life. Be it that we value and we are strict with us. That we follow a statement that internally perhaps not suit us.

Of course, we can also discover gestures of self-love and self-acceptance that we have now grown. This is reflected, for example, be from by looking playfully attempting on a challenging yoga position and it does not matter if it "works" or not, because your value is not dependent on any externals.

Psychological Yoga Practice - Your Happy Future!

Eighth times but how much life is in the future it in your yoga practice. You can do it as a sort of personal research for hold you and make it as an experiment. The self-study is an important part of yoga, the particular takes up the psychological Yoga therapy. If you want to deepen this topic, be sure to provide psychological therapy yoga-seminars provide a good framework for this!